Interior design

Date of placement 12.10.2018

Architecture and design

Type of employment

Long-term work

Country, City

the Netherlands (Holland), Amsterdam

Salary 50
I have been passionate about interior design (in all its manifestations) already since childhood. I followed specialised education in interior design and have 14 years of professional experience in this field. This includes working for 5 years in various companies, specialised in promotion and distribution of interior objects; extensively studying the practical challenges of each stage of the interior design process. Last 9 years I operate full time as a freelance interior designer. I manage the complete design process; from taking measurements till arranging final decoration. My trademark is punctuality in each stage of the interior design process; to deliver unique projects within the agreed constraints of time/ resources. I have delivered projects for following real estate objects: showrooms, exhibition stands, restaurants, cafes, fast food brands, car expositions, boutiques, photo studios, private clinics and private interiors (houses and apartments). My projects reflect the identity and wishes of my customers and my professional vision about creating unique designs. Holistically, I create an optimal mix of comfort, practicality, ecologism, ergonomics, creativity and uniqueness of your space, to serve the professional and/ or recreational function. I can apply any specific design style, but like to combine different ones to create an unique blend. My favorite styles are loft, ethno style and eco style. Having worked in different countries with very diverse objects, enriched me with an invaluable experience with creating unique and creative interiors ranging from economiсal till luxurious budgets. It allowed me to practically experience and extensively study different styles of design. Countries of my design projects: Ukraine, Tunisia, Libya, France, Russia, Bahrain.
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