Talent Program - Graduate Program

Date of placement 12.10.2018
Fed San


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    DS Smith

Technical industry

Type of employment

Long-term work

Country, City

the Netherlands (Holland), Rotterdam

Salary Not specified
DS Smith is a leading provider of corrugated packaging in Europe and of specialized plastic packaging worldwide. Operating across 37 countries with approximately 27,000 employees. The Paper Division by itself has over 2,200 talented employees across a global network of paper mills. The mills have a combined output of 2.8 million tons of recycled paper, making our client one of Europe’s leading manufacturers. As a supply cycle strategist, they aim to provide long-term solutions that create efficient packaging ecosystems. The Graduate Program is a 2-year program that will take you around several paper mills. The first year will be in either Croatia, Germany or The Netherlands. The second year brings you in another county. You will be involved in a dynamic working environment, with plenty of opportunities to grow and develop. We are looking for outstanding and dynamic individuals with leadership potential and a strong interest in pursuing an international career in the paper industry. By joining the graduate program, you will be given the opportunity to gain solid professional experience by working on strategic projects while also developing your management skills. Your position allows you to cover a sound role inside our client at the end of the program. You will gain in-depth knowledge of our client and its exceptionally dynamic working environment. Being provided with full access to the manufacturing and commercial facilities, you will quickly gain a wide and holistic perspective of the paper business. Throughout your entire professional career, you will be assigned a mentor to give you support and regular feedback on your performance and development. You will be involved in all main Management Training Initiatives (like the EMP – Engaging Managers Program), to prepare yourself for a management position and you will have access to a large set of Learning & Development resources. Last but at all not least, members of the graduate program will benefit from a competitive salary and a sign on bonus. Please submit your application filling the form below or sending your CV to: [email protected] with the indication of your preferred location (Germany, Croatia, The Netherlands)
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