Ordering assistance

Date of placement 21.05.2019
Astone Shi

the Netherlands (Holland), Groningen

  • Contact name:

    Store Houses B.V.

Procurement (purchase)

Type of employment

Online job

Country, City

the Netherlands (Holland), Rotterdam

Salary 100

The part time job is about order products online or sometimes offline. Here, I would like to introduce more details about this part time job. 1. Who am I: >> My name is Chenyu Shi, a Chinese, and you can call me Astone. I’m a PhD in Computer Science in the Netherlands. Recently, I’m doing business about import and export products from and to China . My company is a startup company and called Store Houses B.V.. I made a program to automatically extract information from Chinese online web shops and analyze which product or what kind of product are hot in China. Similarly, I also try to make a program for selling products in Europe but it still in progress. 2. What kind of products: >> I’m mainly focus on the products which have the lowest price or limited number for each customer. Some websites/companies usually have a very big discount but also have the limited the quantity. For example, ICI and Douglas have 70% discount 3-4 times per year. And Nutrilon milk powder is always limited for each customer. And so on. 3. What could you do: >> I will provide a list of websites with links to the products. You need to register an account on that website and order the required products. You should order the product as much as you can. I will pick up the products once or twice per week it depends on the number you have. 4. Salary: >>I will give you 5% of the cost of the product. For example, if you spend 100 euro (inc.everything) to order a product. I will give you 105 euros. Normally, I will ask you order 2000 euros products per week. You only need to spend less than half an hour to order and contact me to pick up. 5. Guarantee: >> I could give some deposit to promises that I will collect all the products you get. 6. Bonus: >> a. If you could introduce your friends to do join this side job. You could get an extra bonus for each people you introduce. b. If you could order the products more than I request, you would get an extra bonus too.

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