Marketing Department of TuDoLink Project (CHIWEN B.V.) Offers Job Opportunities

Date of placement 21.05.2019
Astone Shi

the Netherlands (Holland), Groningen

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Branding (creating and managing brands)

Type of employment

Long-term work

Country, City

the Netherlands (Holland), Amsterdam

Salary Not specified

Marketing Department of TuDoLink Project (CHIWEN B.V.) Offers Job Opportunities Position 1: Marketing Director Position 2: Regional Marketing Manager(s) (Regions: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, German, France, Spain, Italy, Canada, UK, American, Brazil, Russia , Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China (mainland), Japan, Thailand , Indian, Australia , …. , and Global) Position 3: Marketing Staffs and Volunteers Jobs description: We only care if you have the ambition to create/join a global company. You will be a leader and are able to inspire a global/local team for market development of the project. Main tasks and responsibilities: 1. Let people know our project and product. 2. Attract investors to join ICO and crowd-funding. 3. Manage investors and customers service. 4. Maintenance with global/local digital currency exchange. 5. Software/App Promotion. Skills and Qualifications: 1. Deep understanding the project from the white book. 2. Extensive Marketing Experience, Understanding of Business Practices, Budgeting, Financial Knowledge, Proficiency, Interpersonal Communication, Client Relationships, Writing, Public Speaking, Creativity, Innovation, Adaptability, Leadership, Managerial Skills, Multi-Tasking, Big-Picture Thinking. 3. We will give priority to people who could propose a local/global marketing promotion. TuDoLink Project: A sharing and trading platform of idle computing resources based on blockchain technology. People could share and rent their idle computing resources of smart phones, pads and computers on TuDuLink’s website, software and APP. Project white book: Please send your CV and interesting position to Email: [email protected]

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