Financial Account Manager

Date of placement 11.10.2018

Financial management

Type of employment

Long-term work

Country, City

the Netherlands (Holland), Amsterdam

Salary Negotiable
About us CIS Management B.V. is a Dutch trust service provider with an office located in Amsterdam. The company specializes in providing services of management, domiciliation, accounting, legal and secretarial support for entities, incorporated and active in the Netherlands. The thorough knowledge of current legislation and core skills in handling international and Dutch tax and corporate law issues in combination with competitive rates and strong reputation on market, make this company one of the leading trust service providers of medium size segment, in the Netherlands. The clientele of the company is very international, originating from many of the CIS countries (initial focus area of CIS Management), as well as from Middle East, North America, Western and Eastern Europe. The company is used to work with highly demanding clients, on a tight schedule, thus it is a common practice of devoting efforts to each client on an individual basis and to focus on tailor made type of services in each case. The Finance Team consists of 5 staff members and is responsible for managing the books of client companies, from A to Z, maintaining the day-to-day administration, drafting statistics reports for the DNB, controlling and authorizing payments, negotiating with banks, auditors, tax and other state authorities on behalf of client companies, as well as drafting annual financial returns. Accounting Tasks and Responsibilities • maintaining of client's general ledgers and books in accordance with Dutch accounting principles (Dutch GAAP); • core knowledge of IFRS principles of accounting is desirable; • preparation of monthly/quarterly Interim Reports; • assistance by Audit; • preparation of Benchmark reports and filing with DNB (quarterly/annually); • preparation of standalone annual accounts according to Dutch GAAP (balance sheet, profit & loss statement and notes) on an annual basis; • electronic filings of the annual accounts with the Chamber of Commerce; • taking care of the day-to-day administrative matters like authorising and monitoring payments, deposits with Dutch and foreign banks; and communication with the Dutch National Bank; • managing bank accounts (payment processing); • acting as a focal point for auditors during the audit process, including but not limited to collection of relevant information for the auditors and answering relevant queries and etc.; • preparation and filing of the Value Added Tax returns on a quarterly basis. Profile • Higher education; • Minimum 5 years of (continuing) practical experience in professional sphere; • Experience (in trust sector/as an in-house accountant) – highly desirable; • Outgoing, practical, hands-on approach; • Knowledge of accounting programs Milogic and Exact is desirable; • English – fluent (verbal, written, business); Dutch – preferable; knowledge of other additional languages is a pre.
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