Business Development Manager

Date of placement 11.10.2018


Type of employment

Long-term work

Country, City

the Netherlands (Holland), Dongen

Salary Negotiable
A new branch in the Netherlands of a Trading Company, Meat Import. Basic duties and requirements: - develop new business and ensure safe and effective business running; - develop and maintain effective cooperation with Brokers, RVO, Customs, NVWA and other related to Import issues authorities; - dealing with banks, insurance companies and other financial institution; - contact and maintain relations with foreign suppliers; - collect and keep update information upon import amount; - organize and keep in effective way necessary paperwork and process mails; - cooperate both with authorized book keeper and financial officer and provide necessary information in time; - Issue Invoices for transactions if necessary; Must be fluent in Dutch and English, both written and spoken, Russian is a plus Must be active, easy going and easy starting, ready for trips, able to learn fast, willing to face new challenges and become an expert in this field.
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