Why Your Work Disappoints You

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Get a two-month free trial of Skillshare (which includes my productivity course): https://skl.sh/thomasfrank28 Huge thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring this video and supporting my channel! When you start creating things, you have to deal with the fact that your abilities just don't match up to your taste. Everything you make seems to fall short of your standards - especially in the beginning. I dealt with this problem when I started making videos - and as a perfectionist, I knew that it had the potential to stop me from ever finishing a video. So, to combat this, I used the One Percent Rule. In this video, I'll share the One Percent Rule, and show you how you can use it to ACTUALLY finish things - while also steadily closing the gap between your abilities and your taste. If you want to develop mastery in any area, this is one rule that you need to follow. ---- #productivity ----

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