Why do you want this job? (3 SAMPLE ANSWERS for 2020)

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Why do you want this job? (3 SAMPLE ANSWERS for 2020) ❤ FREE RESUME TRAINING: https://www.professoraustin.com/freeclass/ ❤ FREE SAMPLE RESUME TEMPLATE: https://heatheraustin.online/resume-template-free/ "Why do you want this job" is one of those interview questions that can leave you tongue tied. Especially if you’ve had your eyes on a specific position or company for awhile. If you get this question wrong in an interview, chances are you’ll never hear back from the hiring official. I get it… You want the job because you need a paycheck, you want the job because you like the company, you want the job because that’s what you went to school for. The only problem with answers like this is that they are a big turnoff to employers. In this video, you’ll learn 3 sample answers you can give if "why do you want this job?" comes up in your next interview. With proper research and a thorough understanding of the company and position, you can tailor one of these 3 sample answers to stand out from all the other candidates, make it onto the next round of interviews and land your ultimate job offer. Watch this video to learn: • How to answer why do you want this job. • The best interview answers for why do you want this job. • 3 sample answers to "why are you interested in this position." LOVE THIS VIDEO and CHANNEL? HERE'S YOUR NEXT STEPS! 1) SUBSCRIBE to my channel! https://goo.gl/WB86Ta 2) SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH A FRIEND: https://youtu.be/RwoVS_1Scg0 3) SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE RESUME TRAINING: https://www.professoraustin.com/freeclass/ 4) GRAB YOUR FREE RESUME TEMPLATE: https://heatheraustin.online/resume-template-free/ 5) JOIN A FREE COMMUNITY of professionals in #thecareerclub: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thecareerclub/ 6) APPLY TO WORK WITH ME ONE-ON-ONE in The Career Accelerator: https://www.professoraustin.com/work-with-me/ 7) LET’S CONNECT!

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