Technological trends in the creative industries: presentation by Conor Roche

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In this video, Conor Roche, author, presents the key findings of the Sectoral Watch report on ‘Technological trends in the creative industries’, part of the Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI) project. Creative industries are crucial for the European economy. They employed 7.4 million people across the EU27 in 2019, which represented 3.7% of all employment. Their economic value is over €500 billion per year. The work of creative industry professionals is not only relevant from an economic perspective. It is also important for the promotion of Europe’s diverse cultural identity and European values including equality, democracy and sustainable development. This video includes answers to the questions: - What are creative industries and why are they important to Europe? - Which advanced technologies play an important role in the creative industries? - What does the European market for advanced technologies for industries look like? To read the full Sectoral Watch - Technological trends in the creative industries, download the report here: To know more about the European Commission’s ATI project, please visit the ATI website: The ATI project is an initiative by the European Innovation Council and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Executive Agency (EISMEA) and the European Commission DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW).

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