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Strategies of the Wealthy - Cardone Zone The middle class is not a sustainable income bracket. The average middle-class person earns $59,000 per year. After taxes, that amounts to $40,000. With food, rent, car, gas, utilities, phone, internet/cable, clothes, presents and trips – that doesn't leave you enough to even cover it all. Here's four money facts you must know to help you get out of the middle class. 1. False data about finances. You not only have the wrong data, you have false data and beliefs you must rid yourself of. 2. Money is useless until it's used. Money in a bank doesn't earn anything. 3. Put money first. Money is a good motivator. Don't be afraid to let money be the reason you do things. 4. Don't spend your money, invest it. To learn more come to my conference before it's sold out!!

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