Research*eu issue 88: The growing power of media content convergence

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0 The way we access and consume media has been rapidly changing over the past 15 years. The previous solid distinctions that siloed traditional media, such as TV, radio, cinema and video games, have blurred into each other with the advent of technologies such as smartphones, apps, web-streaming and of course, social media. Now you can access Netflix on two of the three major current video games consoles, your smart TV as well as your laptop, smartphone or tablet. You can interact through social media with your favourite radio station or vote in your favourite TV talent show through an app or the web. In this issue of Research*eu, our special feature highlights seven EU-funded projects that have been tasked with seizing these opportunities and harnessing the positive power of media content convergence through innovation and new technological solutions. One good example of this includes the pioneering of new solutions to open up traditional media to consumers who have previously been unable to access them, specifically individuals with disabilities, such as hearing or sight loss.

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