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Burn out is the build-up of stress over a long period of time. There are different ways it can show itself. Aimee talks about how it can show itself, how it can impact your work and lifestyle and suggestions on how you can get back on track. *This is a video included in the Careercake subscription* Introduction Hi, my name is Aimee Bateman. I’m a career coach and I’m the founder and CEO of Careercake. Most of us at some point have had days when we feel a little bit rubbish, we can feel helpless, we can feel really overwhelmed with stuff, we can feel under appreciated, or maybe stuff at work isn’t challenging you and things just feel mind-numbing. People can feel totally drained by that too. Maybe getting out of bed in the morning is just taking too much effort. And it’s not because you’re tired, it’s because life doesn’t feel good anymore and taking on the day ahead just feels like, quite frankly, something you can’t be bothered to do. Caring about your work or your home life seems like a total waste of time. A total waste of energy. If you feel like this more than you don’t feel like this, you may have burnout.

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