How to Conquer Social Anxiety When You Meet New People

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Start broadening your knowledge base - get a 1-month free trial of CuriosityStream and access over 2,400 documentaries at - and use the code "thomas" when you sign up! Huge thanks to CuriosityStream for sponsoring this video and supporting my channel. Most of us get nervous when we're meeting a new person. Are they going to judge you? Will you run out of things to say right after you introduce yourself? Will things get so awkward that you start hoping you're reincarnated as a slime in your next life so you can melt into the cracks in the sidewalk the next time this happens? These are totally normal worries to have (especially the last one), but there are strategies that you can use to overcome them and start talking to new people confidently. So if you get anxious or nervous when meeting new people, these 7 tips are for you. Read the companion article for this video:

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