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Here we break down 7 specific milestones that you have to have in order to be successful in the coaching industry. This will help you with how to become a life coach and start a successful coaching business whether you are interested in transformational coaching, NLP coaching, or general life coaching personal development. This isn’t life coaching for dummies, it’s life coach training for elite coaching success. If you’re wondering what life coaches do to build their life coaching businesses, this video will help you. Ready to increase your impact, confidence & CERTAINTY and begin transforming lives at a deep deep level? Become a Certified Neuro-Transformational Coach: === *Free Resources for Coaches* === ~ Book a FREE 1-on-1 customized strategy session to build your coaching business: ~ Ask me ANY question on ANY area of life or entrepreneurship: ~9 Irrefutable Laws of Entrepreneurship: ~ $300K Blueprint for Coaches: ~ What to Say to Get Clients (Script): ~ Clarify Your Ideal Client: ~ Join the “Truth About Coaching” Facebook group: ~ Sean's blog: === *Check Out Our Most Popular Videos* === Which Life Coaching Certification Should I Choose? Build A 6-Figure Coaching Business Want a Successful Coaching Business? Marketing Your Coaching Business Sales Funnels for Coaches How To Work From Home As A Life Coach What To Say on Your Prospect Calls Transformational Life Coaching Get Your Clients Results! Coaching Demos Coaching During Uncertain Times The Mindset for Life Coaching Increase Your Confidence As a Speaker How I Prepared for My TEDx Talk Parenting Tips To End Anxiety Increase Your Emotional Control What is a R.E.A.L. Man? How To Have Constructive Conversations About Divisive Topics Get Inspired Podcast Videos ======== I’m Coach Sean Smith, founder of Elite Coaching University. More content and info about our programs at If you liked this video, please let me know by liking it, subscribing, clicking the bell and sharing with your tribe if you think it would serve them too. 805-552-4423 [email protected] Connect on social: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter: Specialties Include...How to be a Life Coach, Life Coach Training, How to Get Coaching Clients, Personal Transformation #lifecoach #lifecoachcertification #lifecoaching

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