Full FTTH coverage for Senden, Germany

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In 2015 the rural municipality of Senden started a project of full FTTH coverage in the districts: Senden, Bösensell, Ottmarsbocholt. Over 40% of households signed a contract with the private operator Deutsche Glasfaser. Moreover, a citizen co-operative was founded in order to build the necessary infrastructure with technical and support by Deutsche Glasfaser. Thanks to the good and close cooperation between the administration of the municipality, the civic initiative and a private company, Senden is today one of the few rural municipalities in Germany with full coverage with FTTH. The community is completely connected to FTTH in all three districts - this includes also the local companies and schools. Read more: This is a good practice project in the European Commission’s broadband good practices directory Find here more information on the European Broadband Awards. For more information on this project visit: www.deutsche-glasfaser.de This video is part of the European Broadband Competence Offices Network’s programme promoting awareness of good practices in broadband projects as well as EU broadband funding and policy. Find out more: http://www.bconetwork.eu See more videos in the series: http://videos.bconetwork.eu

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