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Have you ever considered the environmental impact when you stream a piece of music, watch a video-clip or do a search on the Internet? How can a data centre operate in the most energy efficient way and reduce its carbon emission? These and related issues were covered at the CONNECT University session ‘Sustainable data centres and cloud computing services’, where experts presented and explored the next generation technologies for future, state-of-the art, data centres. Speakers: Pierre Chastanet, Head of Unit DG CONNECT E2 Cloud and Software Barbara Frei, Executive Vice President Europe Operations for Schneider Electric Bertil Heerink, Head of EU and International Institutions at Federal Environment Agency Austria Vlad C. Coroamă, lecturer and senior research associate with the Computer Science Department of the ETH Zurich Paolo Bertoldi, Senior Expert at the European Commission Joint Research Centre in Ispra, Italy Follow us:

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