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The role of platforms as gatekeepers of information and disinformation has become very important. During this CONNECT University session high-level speakers discussed how successful was the implementation of the Code of Practice. The lecture explored the reasons of elaborating a self-regulatory Code and the issues of political ads transparency, scrutiny of ad placements, integrity of services, content ranking algorithms, access to data. Interactive talks focused on how to ensure transparency of political activity on online platforms and how to arrange the access to platforms’ data for research purposes. Together with the representatives of some online platforms, a journalist and the representative of the regulators and the Commission, we discussed further approaches to secure the integrity of online services and necessary actions to empower platforms’ users. Speakers: Paolo Cesarini Head of Unit DG CONNECT I4 Media Convergence and Social Media Milan Zubicek, Government Affairs and Public Policy Manager, Google Ľuboš Kukliš Executive Director at Council for broadcasting and retransmission and Chair of European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services Cornelia Kutterer, Senior Director, EU Government Affairs, AI, Privacy & Digital Policies, Corporate, External and Legal Affairs, Microsoft Gianni Riotta, Dean of the Luiss School of Journalism in Rome Ania Helseth, Public Policy Manager - EU Affairs, Facebook Follow us:

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