CONNECT University: Disinformation a social and political challenge

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CONNECT university kicked off its series of sessions on "Tackling online disinformation" with a special lecture on “Disinformation: a social and political challenge”.Through this introductory session that brought together European Commission and external experts, the participants had the chance to get a good understanding of the impact of disinformation, and explored effective strategies for tackling it. The session focused on disinformation as an evolving problem, covering the potential risks of harm: the threats to democratic political processes, and to democratic values that shape public policies in various sectors. Speakers: Giuseppe Abbamonte, Director Media Policy, European Commission, DG CONNECT Renate Schroeder, Director of the European Federation of Journalists Charles Macmillan, Deputy Head of the Text and Data Mining Unit at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) Follow us here:

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